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Why Statewide Enviromental?

A Cleaner Environment

 Statewide Environmental is the premier emergency response company qualified to handle any type of disaster

including biohazards, environmental and infectious disease outbreaks. Statewide Environmental has the

necessary equipment, experience, training, and safety compliance to perform any biohazard or infectious

diseases cleanup, decontamination and sanitization. Statewide Environmental’s biohazard response teams use

CDC protocols and guidelines, proprietary chemicals, techniques and technology designated to decontaminate

and kill infectious diseases on surface and in the air. All First Response Project Managers, Supervisors and

Technicians are fully trained and certified (Hazmat, HAZWOPER, Bloodborne Pathogens, HazCom and OSHA)

and will strictly follow OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard (29CFR1910.1030), Personal Protective Equipment

Standard (29CFR 1910.132), Hazard Communication Standard (29CFR 1910.1200), Guidance for Workers and

Employers in Non-Healthcare/Non-Laboratory Settings for Cleaning and Decontamination of Infectious Disease

on Surface and CDC Guidance.

What We Offer

  Some of our services include: 

  • Green Cleaning
  • Medical cleaning 
  • Carpet cleaning  
  • Power washing 
  • Biohazard cleanup  

Your Business is Ours

We promise quality, reliable cleaning service every time so our loyal customers feel special. We work hard to be the best. Our products are high-quality and safe. And we focus on the details, so you have a clean, orderly environment every time. 

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